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Philippine Embassy Kuwait

Sunday-Thursday 8:00 am - 2:00 pm
Block 6, Villa 153 Nouman
Bin Basher St. corner Damascus St, Faiha
P.O. Box 26288
Safat 13123 State of Kuwait
(+965) 2252-8422; 2251-1806
(+965) 2251-1805

About Us





1. To promote respect for the rights of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and their families, and to highlight the contributions of OFWs to the Philippine and global economies.

2. To assist OFWs in their individual and/or collective concerns, including but not limited to labor, legal, health or medical, economic, and/or psycho-social or other concerns relating to their families in the Philippines.

3. To articulate the concerns of OFWs on issues affecting them as well as support and promote beneficial reforms, legislations, policies, programs, and projects in line with the protection of rights and promotion of welfare of OFWs.

4. To develop an accessible corps of professionals to offer expert advice, respond to and address the concerns of OFWs, including but not limited to lawyers and paralegals, medical practitioners, counselors, mental health professionals, social workers, and financial advisors.

5. To consolidate, develop and be a reference point for good practices, and influence the mainstreaming of these practices into Philippine and host governments' policies and services.

6. To advocate for cohesive host government policies on the integration and social inclusion of OFWs into existing systems and institutions.

7. To cooperate with other organizations of similar aims and engage relevant Philippine and host governments' agencies in upholding and promoting the rights and welfare of OFWs.

8. To engage public support for beneficial causes for OFWs through information campaigns and other initiatives.


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1. AKO-OFW Inc. reserves the right to grant or refuse membership at its sole and absolute discretion. Membership will not be extended to corporations or other legal entities.

2. The Membership, including the membership number, membership card are non-transferable and a member cannot in any way transfer or assign.

3. Misuse of the membership card may result in immediate termination or suspension of membership.

4. A member may only hold one membership account at any time. Multiple applications by a single person are not allowed. If a member inadvertently creates a duplicate account,AKO-OFW Inc. reserves the right to merge and consolidate the on the duplicate account of the member into the member's earlier account, retaining their original expiry date.

5. By providing your personal information to AKO-OFW Inc, you consent to the organization’s contacting you by telephone, mail and e-mail for purposes of updating and notifying you of new program, services or events that may be of interest to you.

6. By signing up , i am giving concent and support to AKOOFW to participate in the party-list system in the 2019 Midterm election in the Philippines.